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01 April 2007 @ 08:26 pm
Fic: Skins: Under the Gun (2/?)  
Title: Under the Gun (2/?)
Author: </a></a>of_destiny</b>
Rating: PG-13 for language and sexual references.
Word count: 975
Pairing: Maxxie/Tony
Spoilers: The whole of series 1, especially episode 9.
Disclaimer: Skins and all of the characters do not belong to me. How I wish they were, but they aren't.
Summary: Tony's finally out of hospital and Maxxie has to deal with seeing Michelle back with him. But things aren't always as easy as you may think.

 As the teacher entered, I heaved a sigh of relief. Art was the one subject I took that no one else in my group did; in fact, hardly anyone at the college did. There were only three of us: me, Lucy Therafield and Daniel Rush. We didn't talk much, mainly concentrating on our projects. Our very eccentric teacher, Margaret Heller, was an encouraging woman, even if we had to work out most of the course ourselves. I'd already pulled out my sketchbook in anticipation of today's lesson. When she wrote the title on the board, my heart sank a little.

"Today, we are going to be drawing and study the naked human form." Margaret spoke softly and with a distant look in her eye. "College regulations say that you must draw same-sex partners-" Her voice suddenly went icy, "-And our budget does not quite stretch to getting models in. I put up a little notice on the board and some lovely students have agreed to pose for you all." She went to the main door and opened it, gesturing to those outside to enter. "Daniel, you will draw Peter Brooke, Lucy, you can have Emily Green and Maxxie..." I already knew who it would be. This could not be happening. "You have Tony Stonem." Tony walked in with his little confident grin on his face and I shut my eyes. Fuck.

We set up in our own private rooms. Tony stood on a small table and I set a piece of heavy paper up on a sketching lectern. My pencil sharp and a rubber at the ready, I turned to face him. This was the first time I had seen him naked and he seemed to be enjoying every second of it. I kept my eyes away from his crotch and focused instead on his face and torso.

The lines left my pencil fluidly, as I traced Tony's outline before filling in with the contours of his chest. I shaded in his hair, draw his dark eyes, sketched his full mouth. A few times I had to ask him to raise an arm or turn into the light. A couple of hours later and I'd traced every part of him, except there. I rolled my eyes, cringed slightly and then moved my gaze. This was stupidly uncomfortable. If it was one of my conquests, I'd never be like this. But it was Tony. He was one of my friends. It would be the same if it were Anwar or Chris. I had to grin and bare it.

"C'mon Maxxie, don't look so scared. I know you like what you see."

It was true: Tony was perfect and his cock and ass didn't disappoint. I wasn't going to let him think that though. "Yeah okay Tony. Keep telling yourself that." Luckily, my page was on A3 so it wasn't long before I'd finished the drawing. "You can get dressed now, Tone."

"You sure you want me to?"

My mind boggled with the possibilities of a naked Tony.

"Yes. Totally sure.

He jumped down of the table and moved swiftly towards me. He pressed his body against mine, his face only a centimeter from my own. My eyes and mouth seemed not to obey my mind and conveyed my true thoughts. He continued to stare furiously into mine; then he pulled away with a smile on his face. "Thought so," He murmured.

Shaking my head, I grabbed my piece of paper off the sketch board. I just wanted to get out of here, but at the same time I wanted to stay with him. He was slowly getting dressed, agonizingly so. I scrunched my eyes up and then turned to run back to the main Art studio. I almost made the door, but then I felt a strong hand around my wrist, which pulled me backwards and then Tony's mouth was against mine. He was only dressed in a pair of white Calvin Klein boxer shorts and I could feel him getting hard against my leg. Tony's tongue explored my mouth and then he bit down softly on my lips; a soft moan escaped my lips and my head leaned back.

"Fuck, Maxxie," Tony grunted between kisses. He didn't continue, but I knew what he meant: this was completely different to Russia. Then, he had been gentle and soft. Now he was rough and feral, more the Tony that you'd think of if you didn't know him well. Or, I
realised, the Tony that you knew if you knew him very well.

My hands ran down his hard chest, along his stomach and then reached the waistband of his boxers. I paused, momentarily and then slipped one inside. I ignored his dick, and moved my hand around to cup his balls. He groaned deeply and then I moved back to squeeze his cock. He did the same, through my thick jeans, and we stood there for a while, just kissing.

Then Tony began to kiss down my chest, a familiar motion. Last time I had stopped him, telling him he wasn't any good. I was lying, of course, but that didn't make the anticipation any less. It was all I could do to stop ripping off my jeans but I let him unzip my flies and pulled the denim around my ankles. He slipped his hand inside and began to feel around.

I heard a noise from the corridor and quickly wrenched my jeans up and pushed Tony away. "Stand up on the table!" I hissed before I jumped back to my stool. Margaret burst through the door a few seconds later.

"Ah, Maxxie!" She cried, "That is wonderful, wonderful. Her eyes roamed over the drawing and then surveyed the now-dressed Tony with an impressed eye. "If you two would like to come back to the classroom....”
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(Anonymous) on October 31st, 2007 03:43 pm (UTC)
This is a really cute story so far!! i can't wait to read the next chapter!!!
(Anonymous) on November 5th, 2007 10:01 pm (UTC)
this story is awesome u should write more!!....danni